Innovative Luxury Vehicles

The joy of owning a luxury vehicle is in the knowledge that the latest technological innovations in automotive engineering are made available for these prestigious luxury cars.

Powerful engine technologies, efficiency features and advanced safety systems are among the many innovations which set these luxury vehicles apart.

Efficiency features

Numerous innovations in various efficiency measures encapsulate the cutting-edge technology that is at the very heart of luxury vehicles.

One of the key efficiency features in modern luxury vehicles is the on-board computer with an efficiency programme which is linked to a driver information system that displays data relevant to fuel consumption and gives recommendations for more efficient driving.

Start-stop systems turn the engine off when the car is at rest before quietly, conveniently, and quickly turning the engine back on when the clutch pedal is depressed, drastically reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

An energy recovery system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy via an intelligent voltage controller that recovers energy during braking and coasting phases of

The Meaning of Innovation

I start writing by reaching for my Oxford English Dictionary which tells me that ‘innovate’ is a verb meaning to “bring in new methods, ideas etc.” On the other hand Wikipedia tells me “that innovation generally signifies a substantial change compared to… incremental changes.”

“Technology innovation”

I am happy with both of these definitions, but I do wonder what is meant by incremental. When does incremental become substantial? I don’t want to get too hung up over these differences, but when we are told that we need to be more innovative in order to survive today’s economic climates, these things could be important.

But to really understand what innovation means there are 4 things that I want to share with you:

  1. What is innovative in one industry may be old hat in another industry. For example, the Dyson Dual Cyclone technology was an idea which was taken from spray booth industry for capturing and filtering spray paint and reapplied to the vacuum cleaner market. This was literally revolutionary and due to the transfer of the technology into user benefits

Innovative Solar Companies Must Be Ready to Dump Their Current Technology

Let’s say you are a start-up company in the alternative energy sector, most would agree that you are in the right place at the right time. Next, let’s say that you have a new solar company that is about to take the market like an X-flare Sun Spot! Great, it’s all good, tax credits waiting for the buyers of your product and venture (vulture) capitalists and angle investors lining up to get in on the action. It’s all good right?

“Blu-ray ultrahigh definition tv”

Well, sure it is if you get moving right away, get your product to market, sell a ton and have a quick exit strategy to pump and dump so to speak. No, I am not suggesting that you blatantly make forward looking projections in violation of SEC laws, rather I am saying that you’ll need to be ready to sell and get out of the business at a moment’s notice. First Technology Build In”

Simple, since these types of technologies are

How To DIY Technology

            If your creative side needs nurturing, and you’re interested in technological inventions, a great place to feed your brain is to build technology yourself. Not only is this great for students, but it’s also great for any engineer who needs some practice in problem solving. Building your own technology gives you experience in real life problem solving that tends to be a bit more difficult in this setting, as you only have a select amount of items to pick from. This article will help you build your favorite inventions at the right price.

            The first thing you’ll have to do is come up with what you’re going to be recreating, or even creating for the first time. You’ll need to do a bit of research and planning first, which is the most important first step. If you plan out your project fully before committing to the work, it will go much smoother and you’ll end up with a finer finished project. It’s a great idea to make sure that you’re a bit lenient when it comes to the end project, but make sure that you have everything together. A lot of projects grow and change

Innovative IT Project Management Using Japanese

Transformation, Improvement, Innovation

  • Transformation: Transformation occurs when people inside an organization realize they have reached a higher level through continuous improvement and technological innovation
  • Improvement and Innovation: Improvement is small change while Innovation refers to breakthrough

Management Must Always Transform

  • Management success is determined by creativity and teamwork at all organizational levels
  • Reasons for company-wide improvement

Six Conditions for Fast Track

  1. Top and middle management commitment to company-wide transformation
  2. Superior in-house development capabilities
  • Intrinsic technologies mainly by R&D department
  • Management technologies through daily work
  • Superior managing capabilities
  1. Effective in-house education and on-the-job coaching
  2. Total active participation of staff departments in company-wide improvement
  3. Enabling structures to promote improvement in daily work
  4. Enabling structures that encourage creative improvement by integrating knowledge and experience

What Tool can we Use?

Policy Objective (PO) Matrix

Policy / Objective (P/O) Matrix:

Tool for visualizing and translating top management’s commitment to improvement and transformation into concrete activities. This tool originated from Japan and was popularized by Dr. Ryuji Fukuda – a transformation ‘guru’ in the manufacturing space.

Technique to manage company-wide activities to achieve policies and objectives.

Purpose of P/O Matrix

To deliberately promote and manage improvement activities

Reasons Smart Building Technology Isn’t Reaching Its True Potential

While the level of technology, innovation and adoption has increased in the commercial real estate market, that is not the case for corporate real estate. Despite the fact that corporations are one of the largest group of real property owners and that real estate is a substantial part of a corporation’s operating budget, the adoption level of technology to better organize and manage corporate real estate, like smart buildings, is not commensurate.

So why has technology adoption not reached its true potential?

1. Corporate real estate professionals, for the most part, have spent their careers focusing on real property and not technology. While they may be aware of consumer technology and trends, they do not have strong technology backgrounds, recognizing and understanding how technology could be used strategically to better automate the business functions of a real estate operation.

2. The IT teams in corporations are not typically focused on major tech initiatives that are business drivers of the corporation. ERP’s, financial systems, sales and marketing solutions, CRM systems as well as the corporate IT infrastructure (which involves mobile devices, desktops, servers and communications) are the topics

The Ultimate Guide to Innovation

Innovation Engineering outlines a systematic approach to innovation. The core concepts of innovation engineering include:

  • Methods and tools for creation
  • Communication
  • Commercializing viable ideas for implementation

Innovation in engineering expedites flow of innovations in the marketplace. It addresses the core needs of departments and subdivisions. It taps new opportunities and can affect the sales and profit margins dramatically.

Innovation is a four-stage process, which as are follows:

  1. Define
  2. Discover
  3. Develop
  4. Deliver

It also incorporates project management systems such as Six Sigma, Hoshin planning, and compression planning.

Creativity is observing what everyone is observing, but no one has thought of yet. Invention is translating those new ideas into proper products. Innovation goes further by improving those existing products. The necessity of the field of engineering is to convert thoughts into actions (ideas into products).

Engineers are the forerunners of technology and therefore drive innovation in each segment. Engineers should have better skills for facilitating innovative skills and fostering an innovative environment. Humanity reaps many benefits of innovative engineering, which is why effective learning and stimulating growth are necessary precursors to fostering such an environment conducive to innovation.

Describing Innovation in Engineering

Many factors play a

Put Business Model Innovation First

“Get there first with the most . . . .”

— Nathan Bedford Forrest

“. . . model to thy inward greatness . . . .”

— Shakespeare

Many of the most attractive business model innovations will allow only one company to prosper by following that particular path. Even better is the circumstance where once that path is taken by anyone, many other potentially attractive paths are made smaller or are permanently closed off for others. In an industry in which little business model innovation has occurred, a disproportionate potential for success can be grasped by the first company to take such a dominating track. Having started down that path usually then provides new advantages and opportunities to make even more innovations. Each implemented innovation that builds on a previous, unduplicated one then becomes another brick helping to wall off competitive vulnerability.

Those who start new companies are likely to focus on providing a better way to solve a customer’s problem or serve a customer’s need. In technology companies, this direction is even more likely to occur through emphasizing a new

Innovate to Integrate

The ever-changing consumer market is giving the organizations enough reasons to modify their strategies towards their customers. In the present era, there are two things, which can drive the profit margin of a company, one is constant innovation and the other one is to serve the customers in a better way than the next best competitor. As the consumers observe a product through the peripheral route rather than the central route, so companies need to look for the motivational factors, like-
– Daily contemplation
– Daily transformation
– Daily Casteration and finally
– Sensory gratification

These emotional factors will only be achieved iff the organization encourages an innovative culture. Innovation brings about a movement from existing state to desired state in the consumers mind.

The logic behind performing market research survey is to gauge the market potential, understand customer tastes and preferences. Innovation comes only when the company wants to satiate the needs as well as provide more value additions. Integration all the value drivers is really a critical task and it requires lot of analysis of the inspirational instincts. The reference group factor plays crucial role in delivering the

Trends in Space Colony Technologies

The space race is on and United States of America is preparing to put a permanent base camp on the moon. This will initiate the beginning of humankind colonizing space. Other nations have also declared that they intend to send men to the moon. The timetable for the United States project to put a permanent base on the moon is 2020. However, before that time you can expect other nations, which have developed their space programs to visit the moon.

By 2030 the United States of America and NASA is planning on sending humans to Mars and to set up a Martian outpost. Both the lunar base camp and the outpost on Mars will be the first attempts of mankind to colonize other worlds. What will these outposts and base camps grow into? Will they grow into full-scale colonies with hundreds if not thousands of humans living on these other worlds? Will these large colonies live underground or on top of the surface? Will they be powered by solar or nuclear means?

These are but a few of the questions that are being asked by futurists, a modern-day figures and

Technology Innovation

Many teachers and professors these days use amplifiers to talk to the class. These systems are becoming more and more popular for the instructors. Currently there are several systems, most have a small mike and that goes down to an amplifier box that is worn on the belt or electronically transferred wirelessly to a sound system in the room.

Why are these systems becoming so popular? Well there are many reasons actually such as:

1.) Saving the Teachers Voice;

2.) Ability Talk Over the Disruptive Noise;

3.) The Classrooms are Very Large;

4.) The Higher Volume Helps Keep Students Attention.

Of course as the future progresses these technologies also advance and all these voice systems are about to really take a technology boost. In the near future there will be a paradigm shift in voice systems of this type due to advances in Military Applications. It is time to look ahead at solutions and advance our position in the war on terror.

Currently, systems are being tested which allow someone to communicate without talking, only thinking the words, which will vibrate the vocal cords slightly. In other high-tech advanced systems the

Final Fantasy A Short History

In 1987, Square was on the verge of a complete and utter breakdown, bankruptcy from a slew of failed games. It was with this that they decided to throw everything they had into one last ditch effort, aptly titled Final Fantasy. The game was a monstrous success, utilizing cutting edge technology to tell the first of many epic tales in the newly minted Japanese RPG format.

The next two games didn’t see immediate release in the United State, but grew the brand name and popularity of the series in Japan, leading up to the release of Final Fantasy IV in 1991, released later in 1992 in the US as Final Fantasy II. It was the first of three releases for the SNES and single handedly blew away the entire genre. It was an epic tale of deception and betrayal and the quest of a disgraced Knight to uncover and destroy the conspiracy that promises to ruin his nation.

The next game was similarly skipped in the US, a more numbers and level oriented affair much like earlier entry III. It was a growth in the series but nothing revolutionary, merely

BLU-RAY and the Ultrahigh-Definition TV

Super Hi-vision (Ultrahigh-Definition Wide-Screen System with 4000 Scanning Lines) is the new standard in video viewing.

NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories has created a new piece of engineering genius in its 8K Television System “Super Hi-vision”. This newest imaging technology upon us already in Japan and destined to give screen coverage of the 2012 Olympics on big screens in city centers across Britain. The BBC plans to use the technology, named Super Hi-Vision, just 4 years from now in 2012 but it was developed in Japan in 2005.

Does this incredible new resolution show us that man-machine interfaces with even higher resolutions are possible, and soon? What of true 3D with no glasses, 4D and better and what of BLU-RAY, Violet Ray and Ultra-Violet Ray?

NHK’s new image creation uses a video format with 7680 x 4320 pixels (16 times higher than standard Hi-vision, NHK’s HDTV system). 4000 scanning lines deliver ultra-clear, realistic three-dimensional images that can be achieved only by ultrahigh-definition technology.

Scanning lines are not visible even when relatively close to the screen. And a wider viewing angle provides a stronger

WiMax Wireless Connectivity

What is WiMax technology? WiMax is the newest and most innovative ways of getting connected these days. Over the years, the Internet has really gained popularity; not just among young people, but also the older population. It used to be just a dimension for communications and leisure. But nowadays, it is more than a simple domain for getting in touch. Since its introduction to society, the Internet has evolved to become a whole new domain for life and business. Many people have gotten rich thanks to the Internet. Many people still aspire to get rich with its help these days. Because of this ongoing need to be online, connectivity is now a must. WiMax is the perfect complement to Internet mobility. With WiMax, you can be connected to Internet 24 hours a day, seven days as week, regardless of location. It is, right now, the best way to go mobile.

WiMax technology connection seems similar to Wifi. But actually, these two are very different. For one, Wifi is limited in range. When compared to WiMax and its range, Wifi really would shy in comparison. Also, WiMax works independent from wired or cabled connections.

Recent Cell Phone Advancements

Cell phones have come a long way since the early days of the 1980s when they were the size of a brick and weighed almost as much. Today, cellular phones come with built-in cameras, polyphonic ringtones, and high-tech games. New “3G” mobile phones are also capable of downloading full motion video and full spectrum music. Whereas there were only a few manufacturers of cell phones in the 1980s, today there are many. In addition to original manufacturers such as Motorola and Siemens, today phones are manufactured by Sony-Ericsson, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Danger, Palm, HP and others.

As wireless cell phone use increases around the globe, the old CDMA and TDMA standards are being replaced with GSM, the global standard outside of North America. Relatively new mobile phone companies such as Vodafone and T-Mobile in Germany and NTT DoCoMo in Japan have taken advantage of increased cell phone use by expanding their mobile phone offerings and plans world-wide. Also, traditional computer companies are moving or have moved into the cell phone industry–PalmOne manufactures the Treo 650, HP is coming out with its own smartphone PDA and Microsoft powers the operating systems of many

Well Designed Contemporary

By reading the many publications devoted to interior decoration, the prospective consumer has become well informed about the styles he can expect to find in the stores. His taste has become increasingly surer, and he is now freer to pick and choose among the many contemporary furniture styles developed and made available to him during the past decade.

The high-style inspiration in designing furnishings still stems from the individual designer. Designers are now involved in the planning stages of the choice of material, color, texture, and added decors for any furnishing.

There were no striking new design developments or innovations in 1963-the Mediterranean look still predominated. It influenced the total interior effect, as well as details in furnishings. This style, which began rather timidly a few years ago, became dominant in bedroom furnishings. The Spanish revival in 1963 was, interestingly enough, more a restoration of the Spanish-Moorish furniture popular in the 1920’s than a reintroduction of sixteenth-century antiques. It is a style that combines well with simple contemporary furniture and accessories.

In addition to the prevailing Mediterranean look, there was a trend toward mixing contemporary furnishings with

An Introduction To Vending Machines

The very first vending machine was said to have been invented by Hero of Alexandria, a 1st century inventor. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed a fixed amount of “holy water.”

Basically, a vending machine is a machine that dispenses merchandise after a customer deposits money. Vending machines have a currency detector which determines if the money inserted is sufficient to purchase the desired item.

Common locations where vending machines are usually placed include: next to the entrances/exits, next to the water fountain, in front of the restroom, in the break room, by the coffee maker, next to the other vending machines, by the receptionist, next to the cash register, next to the listening station at a music store, next to the change machine or in the waiting area.

The items sold in vending machine vary. In the U.S. vending machines may even carry alcoholic beverages such as beer and cigarettes. This practice is increasingly rare though, due to concerns about underage buyers. I

n Japan, there seems to be no limits to what is sold by vending machines. These include: drinks

Current LCD Market

the Asian countries of South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan continued to lead in the production of flat panel displays, in response to the tremendous demand for LCD and plasma discharge panel TVs coming out of Europe, North America, and China. The growth in popularity of digital television (DTV) and high definition television (HDTV) spawned the development of support industries along with flat panel displays: broadcasting, telecommunications, chipset design and production, set-top box manufacturing, and software or middleware. Challenging the dominance of LCDs are the new technologies of organic light-emitting displays (OLEDs) and field emission displays (FED), thanks to advances in their manufacturing methods. However, the continued lack of cost-effective techniques of mass production, competition with the relatively low price of LCDs, the high cost of investment, and the lack of customer awareness of the newest technologies are all issues that new companies and technologies face in the flat panel display industry.

Taiwan continued its climb toward leadership in the industry, manufacturing TFT-LCDs, TN/STN, PM, OLED, and AMOLED technologies. In 2006, production was up 37 percent from 2005, to a total of $40 billion, according to the Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center of the

IT and Computing Industry

The software and IT industry is a growing field worldwide. The UK is the front-runner in attracting software companies throughout Europe. It is home to many global players and has more than a lakh specialist software firms. The public sector engagement and investments by the UK government is the reason for companies setting shop in the UK. Another factor attracting companies is that it is very easy to set up a IT business in UK It also has competitive tax rates for foreign investors. The corporate tax is 28% which is the lowest amongst its competitors. The UK leads in innovation and offers a good research base. It also has a large talent pool of IT engineers and world class institutes which are a plus.

The UK has a sound infrastructure in place for supporting software operations. The key aspects that the UK can provide any software company setting up operations here are:

1) e-business: The UK is amongst the leading locations for e-business. It has the infrastructure and the technology in place for facilitating e-business. As e-business is the way of the future, companies initiating e-business operations will find

Toyota’s 2JZ-GTE Versus General Motor’s LS2 – Which is the Better Engine?

Japan, home to the most technologically advanced culture, has several of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. High standards of quality control, reliability, affordability and efficient engineering have led Japanese manufacturers to be a dominate force in the global automotive market. In this article, a comparison will be made between Japan’s modern engine-design methodology to use smaller-capacity, high revving, turbo charged engines, and that of America’s tradition of using large-capacity, low-revving, naturally aspirated engines. Japan’s most technologically advanced performance engine, the 2JZ-GTE, will be compared against America’s newest high performance engine, the LS2. The 2JZ-GTE engine manufactured by Toyota is a 3 litre (2997 cc), dual overhead cams, inline 6 cylinder powered by two sequential turbos and found in the Supra. Manufactured by General Motors, the LS2 is a 6 litre (5967 cc), 8 cylinder (v-configuration) pushrod engine found in the Corvette.

When comparing performance engines, the main thing that matters is the amount of power and torque the engine produces, right? Err…well yes, and no. There are many factors to consider when comparing engines. However, first, let’s take a side-by-side comparison of the power and torque figures for each engine. General

Toshiba Brand Laptops

In 1939, Toshiba founded by merging of two companies. One of these companies is Shibaura Seisakusho (Shibaura Engineering, founded in 1875) is known by producing Japan’s first telegraph equipment. The other company is Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric, founded in 1890) also manufacturer of Japan’s first incandescent electric lamps. In 1939, merging of these two companies created a new company named Tokyo Shibaura Denki, nicknamed and later officially renamed as Toshiba Corporation. Toshiba Company is known by their firsts in Japan, including microwave oven, radar, color video phone, transistor television, DVD, HD DVD. Toshiba is also responsible for the first laptop computer in Japan, which is produced in 1986.

Toshiba is the leader of innovation in computer business, shows expert specialty in laptops designed for home, office or mobile lifestyles. As being Japan’s one of the most respectful companies with various models and qualities for everyone; from ultraportable and cure Portege laptops to multimedia monsters Qosmio laptops. Of course, Toshiba’s popularity is not limited with Japan only, European and American consumers prefer Toshiba brand laptops too. Whatever you need -gaming system, desktop replacement, ultraportable business machine, student laptop- you can always easily find a model within one of